We Care for the Safety of Our Planet, Every Day

As a leader in the packaging industry, we fully understand that every step towards sustainable development is of colossal importance. Our commitment is confirmed by the recently awarded J. S. Hamilton „Useful For Recycling” certificate.

Receiving the J. S. Hamilton certificate demonstrates our deep commitment to environmental protection.

This certificate is awarded exclusively to products that are suitable for complete recycling, which is a crucial step towards closing the loop of materials and minimizing waste.

A New Life for Old Materials

At the heart of Plast Box’s ecological strategy are PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) and PIR (Post-Industry Recycled) materials.

Packaging made from PCR material is created from waste generated by consumers. Their reuse not only reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfills but also decreases the demand for new raw materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, PIR material comes from industrial waste – these are production residues that, instead of being wasted, find new applications. Using PIR is an example of effective internal resource management by the company, which translates into reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Local Actions, Global Vision

In the face of global ecological challenges, the innovations we introduce are significant not only locally. They contribute to the global mission of caring for the future of our planet.
By choosing environmentally friendly packaging, everyone can contribute to the protection of our environment.

The „Useful For Recycling” certificate is just one of the many actions we take on the path to sustainable development. We are constantly looking for innovative, even more environmentally friendly solutions, so our products are not only of high quality but also beneficial for the planet.