Plast-Box S.A. is a manufacturer
of plastic packaging

Our company gave rise to the entire Plast Box Capital Group. We began as a family business and, over time, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of plastic buckets in Europe.

We specialise in delivering quality packaging to the food and chemical industries. The high quality of our products and professional service determines that a significant part of our products are exported.

Our certificates

Certifications – commonly recognised as a sign of excellence – are a proof of our efficient organisation and expertise. We have managed to obtain these thanks to many years of efforts and unique know-how. We work according to DIN ISO and BRC Quality Certificates that guarantee the best quality and the highest standards in customer relations. We listen carefully to our clients, offer them the solutions they have been waiting for and fulfil our commitments according to the “do it right the first time” principle, i.e. efficiently and flawlessly. Our customers’ needs are of paramount importance to us.

The recognition we have gained from certifying bodies means real benefits and greater opportunities for our customers. The certificates we have obtained confirm that the quality management systems in our company are properly implemented and applied in accordance with the requirements of the standards. This is why our customers and business partners know that they can rely on us and that the quality of our products will certainly meet their expectations.

Food market

Fish and fish products
Fruit and vegetable preserves
Dairy products
Animal feed
Other food products

Chemical market

Construction chemicals
Household chemicals
Garden chemicals
Heavy chemicals

ECO Strategy


In line with the principle of a “closed circuit”, all the materials used by Plast-Box in packaging manufacture are already 100% recyclable. In addition, Plast-Box obtains recycling materials from external sources. The packaging manufactured by Plast-Box is becoming increasingly lighter, without any loss to its quality. The Company invests in pro-ecological solutions, which maximally reduce the impact on the environment, and make it possible to use its resources in a rational manner. Plast-Box implements technologies which will allow the future production of packaging based on plant raw materials.

100% recycling – Plast-Box packaging is fully recyclable.

Renewable resources – production technology based on raw materials of plant origin.

Closed circuit – the reduction of CO2 and greenhouse-gas emissions into the atmosphere, the reduction of noise emissions, and the use of energy-saving solutions.

Plastic weight reduction – thinner walls without any losses in quality.

Thinner and 50% smaller IML labels.

Packaging from PCR and PIR recyclates – management of post-consumer and post-industrial recycling materials reducing the negative impact on the environment. High-quality packaging with a content of up to 60% recyclates.

Construction solutions


Plast Box offers a solution for tinting.

The specially designed technical construction of the cover allows for the stable stacking of the finished product.

Thanks to short handle, integrated with the rim, the packaging is perfect for automatic filling lines, easily separates in stacks and do not interfere with the decoration applied on the packaging surface.

Most of the containers are fitted with a tamper evident which guarantees the integrity of its contents from the moment of filling by the manufacturer until opening and use by the individual user.

Decoration methods

To ensure the individuality and attractiveness of the packaging manufactured by PTS Plast-Box S.A., we offer various methods of decoration: