d2w technology certificate for Plast-Box products

We are glad to inform that Symphony Environmental Ltd. issued a certificate for our company, confirming that Plast-Box is an accredited user of the oxy-biodegradation technology with a d2w additive in our products.

Our company has thus confirmed that we are socially responsible. Using the d2w additives in our containers makes them significantly more friendly for the environment.

The d2w’s are special additives for plastics, which cause oxy-biodegradation, i.e. a process of self-degradation of plastics. The process occurs in oxygen and it commences independently from where the waste ends up, and it is initiated by natural factors, such as water, temperature or light. The substances are then bio-assimilated by microorganisms and they become perfectly harmless for the environment.

It is important that while used along with standard plastics, they may be programmed at the production stage, so as to degrade at the moment specified by the client. The moment the process of degradation commences depends on the composition of the d2w added during production. The time in which the product is expected to degrade may be between 60 days and 5 years, once the factors initiating the process of degradation have worked.

All those interested in this technology and the offer for containers with the aforementioned additives are asked to contact our Sales Department.