We produce rectangular plastic buckets with lids in 4 sizes: 2.5 l, 5 l and 2 types of 10 l containers.

Each rectangular plastic bucket with lid can be supplied with a plastic or metal handle, depending on the customer’s requirements.
Rectangular bucket has a tight lid closure system and a tamper-evident seal, ensuring the integrity of the contents after the first filling. This guarantees that the goods will reach the customer in the same condition as they left the production facility. The rectangular bucket is a practical solution for storing and transporting various materials, both from the chemical and food industries.
After removing the tamper-evident seal, the lid is easy to open and close, making the product more convenient to use. The rectangular bucket with lid ensures durability and safety of the contents.

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The rectangular shape of plastic buckets makes them easier to stack, allowing more efficient storage on pallets and in warehouses. The rectangular bucket with lid allows for optimal use of space during storage.
Rectangular buckets are manufactured from odourless and colourless polypropylene (PP), considered one of the safest plastics approved for direct food contact.
Rectangular plastic buckets meet all safety standards for products in the food and chemical industries.