Packaging made from recyclates, and after use, once recycled, opens up a whole new life cycle for products.
This way, we create new value, while showing respect for nature’s resources.
In partnership with you as a customer we implement the “closed loop” approach by responsibly managing plastic materials.

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Our recycled packaging
for the chemical industry

Recycled packaging makes it possible to utilise the full spectrum of opportunities afforded by IML-label application technology.
Offset printing is also an option. As a result, the packaging retains its distinctive colours, and gains a fully ecological character.

Regranulate content up to 60%

The handle and the lid are made from primary raw materials

Having our own re-granulation line guarantees you the highest product quality

The quality of regranulate is similar to the original primary raw materials

The application of IML labels and offset

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Bring environmentally friendly solutions to your business, and use technology which allows you to produce containers of any shape and size.

Closer to the eco consumer

Unlike in recent years, packaging from recyclates is now gaining widespread approval from consumers, who this way are expressing their commitment to climate protection.

Closed loop, open  opportunities, and the protection of the environment!

Our green choice

Considering the purchase of packaging produced 60% from recyclates is a bit of a no-brainer! It’s the ideal solution for all those companies like you who are packing non-food products in buckets. By doing so, you can effectively promote your product and protect nature at the same time.
It’s time to change your approach to packaging – time for a conscious, responsible choice!

You promote your product and protect nature

Thanks to our own re-granulation line and proven sources of raw materials, we supply packaging for non-food products which does not differ in quality from that made from the original materials. In accordance with the principle of sustainable development, and with a sense of responsibility for the environment, we are constantly introducing packaging onto the market based on the closed loop model.

The green light
for regranulate packaging

For nearly 40 years we have been convinced that plastic packaging is the best type of protection for your products. It is lightweight, functional, and versatile. Our products – with up to 60% recyclates – combine excellent performance characteristics with minimising environmental impact.


in a closed loop

the planet’s resources

Compliance with
climate-neutrality requirements

is 100% recyclable

Understanding consumer

Bulding your corporate image

What is worth knowing about the reuse of plastic?

  1. For which industry is regranulate/PCR packaging dedicated? Regranulates/PCR’s are designed exclusively for the production of packaging used in the chemical industry.
  1. What is the recommended quantity of dosed regranulates/PCR’s in the overall raw-material composition of packaging? With us, the maximum dosage of regranulates/PCR’s in bucket production is 60%. The lid and the plastic handle are made of original materials only.
  1. Can regranulate/PCR packaging be transparent? Regranulate/PCR packaging is not available in a transparent version. Dark colouring is recommended to facilitate the covering of streaks and inclusions.
  1. What impact do regranulates/PCR’s have on packaging quality? When dosing to the max. of 60% regranulates/PCR’s packaging has similar quality parameters to packaging made of original materials.
  1. What is the difference in price between original packaging and regranulate/PCR packaging? The price calculation of projects with an admixture of regranulates and PCR’s is prepared individually on request. The final price is influenced by the quantity of regranulate used and the type of decoration.
  1. Can label decorations be used on recycled packaging? Yes, recycled packaging allows full IML and offset printing. This means that the packaging does not lose any of its colour clarity – but it also it gains an ecological look.

Colour range

Currently we supply 5 basic re-granulate colours, and we are still working on extending the range. Our Sales Department staff will be happy to provide information and advice on the colour and decoration of your packaging.