Innovative, integrated handle

The integrated handle was designed
to improve the range for the most-demanding customers
in the chemical and food industries.
This solution works perfectly on automatic
filling lines, facilitating the easy separation of packages in stackers.
The short handle also allows the decoration to be visible on the outside
of the packaging. Thanks to this, the well-displayed graphics distinguish
the product on the shop shelf more effectively.


The latest market


in packaging design

Handles’ shape adjusted to bucket’s edge
Full usage of bucket’s sides to present own private label on market’s shelves
Optimized feeding, stacking and packing processes on automatic filling lines
Better use of pallets’ space (stacks’ positioning)

Reduced total
packaging weight means

Protection of environment through lower consumption of raw materials and fuel in transport
Saving electricity by improved production efficiency (automatic process and shorter cycle)

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The IML label on 50% of the surface area

Plast-Box offers a completely new solution – IML labels
on 50% of the surface of 1L packaging.

This results in the same, highest visual quality which is
guaranteed by the IML technology, while saving money.
Less than half the surface area of the label means a significant
reduction in the use of film and, as a result, a reduction in
the amount of material to be recycled or segregated.

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