We produce plastic buckets in the sizes 0.55 l – 33 l.

Taking into account the thickness of the packaging wall, the type of the contents to be packed and its specific weight, plastic buckets have been divided into the following series:

  • BIS series plastic buckets – designed for contents and products mainly from the chemical industry with a specific weight of 1.6-1.8 g/cm3,
  • LB and UL series plastic buckets – designed for lightweight contents and products mainly from the food industry.

Based on the type of closure and lid construction, plastic buckets and small plastic buckets are divided into single-rimmed or double-rimmed.

In most single-rimmed buckets, the seal has been designed to minimise the possibility of it being detached from the bucket. In addition, the plastic bucket with a lid has a special lid construction that facilitates palletisation on the production line. The bucket with lid designed in this way also ensures stability during transport.

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Plastic bucket, including buckets with handles, is a practical type of container that can be used to store many products. It is characterised by its low weight with adequate durability. A bucket with a lid provides the option of securely sealing the contents, protecting them from spoilage, leakage or spillage. The bucket with lid is not only functional, but also resistant to mechanical damage. At the same time, the bucket with lid, including resealable buckets with handles, is an attractive price proposition compared to containers made from other materials.

Thanks to their different capacities and sizes, buckets with lids can be adapted to a wide range of applications across many sectors (e.g. food, food service, construction). They are used for storing and transporting food, materials such as paints and varnishes, gardening and agricultural products, etc. Its functionality makes the plastic bucket a versatile solution for different industries and needs.

Plastic buckets – safe food packaging

Plastic buckets are products that are adapted to the food storage. They enable the hermetic sealing necessary to preserve the freshness of food, while not altering its taste in any way. The safety of our packaging has been confirmed by the BRC Certificate, an international food safety standard issued by the independent organisation British Retail Consortium.

Comfortable transport of chemical products

Plastic buckets are also suitable for storing chemical products such as paints, adhesives, washing powders or fertilisers. Plastic buckets with lids that allow them to be sealed tightly are commonly used for their packaging. They are much lighter than glass and metal packaging, but are strong enough to withstand transport and provide adequate protection for the substance being transported.

Plastic buckets with durable and resistant labels

Buckets can be decorated using the IML application, a technology that involves applying the label during the moulding of the container. As a result of this process, the label becomes permanently integrated into the bucket. This means that IML labels are not prone to peeling off and are also resistant to the negative effects of external factors. In addition, the graphics can cover the entire surface of the plastic bucket, including hard-to-reach areas, thanks to the use of this technique.

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