Food buckets

As a manufacturer of food packaging, we have, through years of experience, developed a quality control system that is essential for the production of top quality packaging for the food industry. This is confirmed by the awarding of the BRC Certificate, which guarantees the hygienic safety of packaging intended for food contact.

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salted fish
brine fish
fish in other sauces
fish salads

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jams and marmalades
pickled and salted vegetables
fruit and vegetable salads

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cottage cheese and curd
cream and yoghurts
butter and margarine

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loose feeds and feed meals
granulates and crisps
fodder concentrates

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popcorn and nuts
candies and jellies
eggs and egg masses

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The plastic food packaging we offer to the food industry meets the highest EU quality standards. Plastic food packaging is manufactured in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP of Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006), in compliance with the framework regulations, Directive (EC) No. 1935/2004 and the specific Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011. According to these regulations, the plastics we use for our food buckets must not in any way endanger human health and life, cause unacceptable changes in the composition of food or alter its organoleptic characteristics (taste, smell). The food buckets we manufacture are based on plastics from the polyolefin group, mainly PP (polypropylene).

All packaging for the food industry must comply with specific food contact standards and regulations. The plastic food buckets are manufactured to the highest standards of hygiene and production safety. The BRC Certificate we have obtained confirms that we have implemented all measures during production to ensure the safety of food packaging. Adherence to the manufacturing standards for plastic buckets is also confirmed by the DIN ISO Quality Certificate. This ensures that every food bucket we produce is a safe and proven choice.

Every manufacturer of plastic food packaging should take care to diversify their product range. Taking into account the different needs of customers, we offer plastic food buckets in various shapes (round, oval or rectangular) and sizes (different diameters, dimensions and heights). The food bucket can be supplied with a handle (plastic or metal) or without a handle. As a manufacturer of plastic food buckets, we offer solutions that provide additional protection for the food contents. Such plastic food packaging is fitted with a special tamper-evident seal that cannot be removed from the bucket. The plastic food buckets are also available with lids suitable for sealing with a film.

Manufacturer of food packaging should also care about ist aesthetics. That is why we offer additional decoration of the outer surface of the packaging. We provide decoration by means of traditional printing (dry offset and screen printing) as well as modern IML application.
Using IML technology, food-grade plastic buckets receive a label that becomes an integral part of the packaging. As a result, it does not peel off and the print quality is higher than with traditional printing methods. This improves the overall aesthetics of the bucket.

Plastic food buckets are available in sizes ranging from 0.55 l to 33 l. They are perfect for storing retail food products (e.g. ice cream, sweets, candies, salads) as well as ready-made food and semi-finished food products on a wholesale scale supplied to restaurants, bakeries, processing plants or in agriculture. As a manufacturer of plastic food packaging, we also supply food buckets used to store animal feed and pet food.

Food packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, freshness and hygiene of stored food products. By protecting products from harmful factors, food packaging helps to maintain the high quality of food from production to consumption. Plastic food packaging is currently the most popular solution in the food industry.