Printed buckets

As a provider of complete packaging solutions for the food and chemical industries, we also offer decoration of the outer surface of the packaging. Among the various decoration methods available, we use traditional printing (dry offset and screen printing) as well as modern IML (In-Mould Labelling) application.

IML packaging

By utilizing the IML technique, plastic buckets for food and chemical products obtain a label that is permanently integrated into the packaging. The labels produced during this process are resistant to abrasion, moisture and dirt. As a result, the buckets can be stored even at low temperatures without compromising the quality. The label does not peel off, and the print quality is higher and more visually appealing compared to traditional printing methods. In addition, buckets decorated with IML labels are fully recyclable.

Printed packaging – partial label

We also offer an economical solution – printing on 50% of the packaging surface. This allows us to balance the highest visual quality standards with the need to optimise packaging production costs. Buckets printed on half the surface allow a reduction in the amount of film used. This also reduces the amount of material to be recycled and separated.

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