New set for food industry from STARK Partner

Plast Box Group extends its offer of food packaging by a set produced by STARK Partner brand, consisting of 750 ml container and tight lid. This new, safe in every respect, packaging has been created for the needs of the broadly understood food industry, including the HORECA sector, processing plants, food manufacturers, catering companies, manufacturers of boxed diets, etc.

– The food and catering market is constantly evolving. Ready-made meal products are becoming more and more popular, which is undoubtedly influenced by the increasingly fast pace of life in today’s world. Diversified and functional packaging, enabling safe packing and transportation of food, is becoming more and more necessary. In response to market expectations, we have introduced a new set of products, tailored to customer requirements – says Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director of the Plast Box Group. – Both producers and customers expect us to ensure safe closing of the packaging, tightness and safety in contact with food. Our new set meets all these conditions, and even offers more benefits, such as better protection of the contents, the option to choose colors, and finally the possibility of recycling – informs Artur R. Skonieczny.

An important feature of the new product is the ability to produce the packaging in different colors. Color coding will make it easier to organize product range and eliminate possible errors, which is particularly important in the supply chain. Quick delivery of ordered food products to recipients is crucial. This option is particularly attractive in view of the catering and boxed diets market, which is currently driving an entire foodservice industry that is feeling the slowdown caused by the effects of the pandemic. The diversity of offerings from companies in this sector is very large, and separate packaging colors for different products is a solution ideally suited to the needs of producers and consumers.

It is also worth remembering about recycling – considering the scale of the food packaging market this is an extremely important issue. The offered set is fully recyclable and reusable.

Products of Plast Box Group comply with the rigorous global quality standards for food packaging, as evidenced by the BRC GS certificate, once again awarded the highest AA rating. Therefore, food industry producers ordering packaging of Plast-Box and STARK Partner brands can be sure to choose the best solution.