New packaging full of benefits!

Plast-Box S.A. introduces new, improved buckets to the market, which have been created to be an even better match to the product portfolio for the most demanding customers in the chemical and food industry.

The new 3 BIS2 and 5 BIS3 buckets are modern products that combine the best features of the previously manufactured models and the market trends observed by Plast-Box. Specially designed buckets provide customers with better performance and visual characteristics.   

The short, integrated handles, which wrap around the collar, make this packaging ideal for automatic filling lines and easily separates in stacker. Additionally, this solution gives the possibility of an undisturbed display of the decoration around the outside of the packaging, which effectively catches the customer’s eye on the shelf.

The new Plast-Box packaging provides the possibility to apply IML on the full circumference, or on 50% of the packaging surface. The partial label allows a better exposure of the product while optimising costs. Moreover, in combination with two-component injection moulding, it means a more eco-friendly production – reducing the amount of material to be recycled or segregated.

The new mould, combined with a cutting-edge injection moulding machine and the best materials, allows for increasing flexibility and availability of packaging supplies. The lids of the new models are in line with the latest buckets proposed by Plast-Box, i.e. 10 BIS5, 12 BIS, 17 BIS2, 20 BIS3, 25 BIS and 33 BIS. They form a homogeneous product line.

The search for opportunities in packaging technology, know-how and design is the way Plast-Box creates new preferences among customers of packaging for construction, household and utility chemicals and the food industry.