Plast-Box a place for professional development

The plastics processing industry is developing at a dynamic pace. As a result, the demand for qualified specialists with developed practical and substantive competencies is growing. Plast Box Group, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging, recognizing the potential inherent in young people, gives them new opportunities for development. The company, wanting to make it easier for students to learn a trade, has entered into cooperation with the Mechanical and Logistics School Complex in Slupsk.

Dynamic development

Plast-Box is developing intensively: it invests not only in new technologies, but also in people. It is in them that a huge potential lies, which is worth exploiting – for mutual benefit. The company is looking for both experienced specialists and young talented people, eager to learn and expand their qualifications in many areas. The company’s recruitment needs are determined by market changes. It is looking for people who know their craft, are open to new challenges and can solve problems that no one has faced before. This is all due to the dizzying pace at which our industry is evolving.

A chance for the young

On November 9, 2022, Plast-Box Group signed an agreement with the Mechanical and Logistics School Complex in Slupsk. Under its terms, the company will become a patron of classes with a profile of Mechatronic Technician. Their students will specialize in automation, machine hydraulics, machine mechanics and electromechanics. In each class (from first to fifth), the two best students in industry subjects will have a chance to receive a scholarship once a semester. In addition, students in fifth grades will have the opportunity to take a specialization internship that will prepare them for exams. Learning with access to modern technology is a great complement to theoretical classes. Thanks to Plast-Box, working on modern machinery, they will be able to gain valuable practical experience that will broaden their competence and will certainly be useful when choosing a professional path, as well as when looking for their first job.

Support for local youth 

Plast-Box pursues its strategic objectives with future generations in mind. It creates a stable environment for them to develop their professional competence. For many young people, this is a very optimistic vision: getting to know the specifics of working in an international company, the opportunity to develop under the watchful eye of professionals. In a word: a good start to the future!