Plast-Box: IML on a 20L bucket in Poland

Plast-Box S.A., the parent Company of the Plast-Box Capital Group, a global supplier of plastic packaging, has launched the production of a 20L bucket labelled using IML technology. In-Mould-Labels technology on the full perimeter of buckets of this capacity has so far been implemented only in the Ukrainian subsidiary PB Ukraine.   

The strategic investment in a new IML robot in the Słupsk factory has facilitated the transfer of interchangeable projects between the Companies, which increases the sense of security of order completion in the Group. Thanks to the optimisation of the product group at both production facilities, the Plast-Box range is becoming more complementary, and this enables cross-selling, i.e. the reciprocal sales of products, through the Group’s distribution channels in the markets served by the Polish and Ukrainian companies.

Interest in Plast-Box buckets with IML printing has been growing continuously for several years. Products of this type are readily being used by manufacturers in the chemical and construction industries, but, above all, by representatives of the food sector. Impressive IML decorations play an important role in product positioning, brand-image creation, and its maximum exposure at point of sale.

A bigger IML label – on a 20L bucket presents a challenge. Until now, the largest capacity on which the Słupsk Company has applied the IML label has been the 17L bucket. IML on buckets is a product “for the demanding” – on the one hand, it is visually attractive, allowing extensive information to be placed on the packaging without any restrictions on design and graphics, and, on the other hand, it is unique, due to its high level of technological advancement, and not-always-easy production process, especially for large packaging. Plast-Box buckets decorated with this technology are available in a wide range of colours, including the selectable and unique COLOUR PRO colour scheme supplied by the Company. Buckets with IML foil labels are milling and recycling friendly, which is very important, considering today’s environmental awareness. Products in this technology perfectly fit into the eco-strategy being pursued by Plast-Box.

Sealable, technologically advanced buckets constitute the basic assortment of production in the Plast-Box Group; their sales in the first quarter of 2020 accounted for nearly 65% of consolidated revenues. In addition, the Group’s product portfolio includes a wide range of small packaging under the Stark Partner brand, as well as conveyors for the food industry, and other utility products sold through retail chains.