Plast-Box invests in clean energy

Plast-Box S.A. is becoming part of the global energy transformation. The company announces another investment that confirms its commitment to sustainable development and renewable energy. On the roof of the Slupsk factory building, a photovoltaic micro-installation with a capacity of nearly 50 kW has been installed, which is the first stage of planned activities. The implemented program of photovoltaic modules takes a gradual increase in the power of solar installations.

Sustainable development and care for the natural environment are only one aspect of this investment, it is equally important to increase energy efficiency and reduce the company’s current operating costs, which will be possible thanks to the reduction of the amount of externally contracted energy.

By using modern solutions in the field of renewable energy, the manufacturer of plastic packaging contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and striving for zero emissions, which is an important pillar of the green strategy. Photovoltaic modules do not require a fuel supply, and, equally importantly, do not emit dust, or greenhouse gases and are not a source of the noise.

Plast-Box Group follows solutions that allow to protect of ecosystems and rationally use natural resources. It focuses on sustainable production, pro-ecological technologies, and the development of products in line with the closed-loop philosophy, offering PIR and PCR regranulate packaging. Now it will additionally produce them using clean solar energy, with a view to a bright future.