Plast-Box new products already on offer

Plast-Box, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging, has once again come out to meet the needs of producers in the food and light household or garden chemical industries. It has just introduced new products to its offer: 2.8l and 4.4l buckets. They were created as a result of a complex design process, preceded by careful observations of the market and analysis of trends. These solutions are a response to current trends in consumer behavior – buyers in the purchasing process are opting for products in lighter, smaller and more environmentally friendly packaging. An additional change in the Group’s portfolio is the refreshing of the 1l and 5l bucket moulds.

We are constantly looking to improve our product portfolio to provide our partners with solutions that are optimized from all angles, responding to the specific needs of the market, explains Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director of the Plast Box Group. – This gives customers access to a wider range of innovative and competitive products, he adds.

Smaller packaging, greater benefits

The new packages are distinguished by their slightly smaller than standard capacities. This makes them a more economical solution, especially for the food industry. The packages are also recommended for use in light household and garden chemicals, e.g. for cleaners or fertilizers. By using the new buckets and matching them to the specifics of their products, manufacturers can achieve more business benefits. It is also worth noting that unusual liters, well displayed on store shelves, can effectively attract the attention of final buyers – consumers. Both models are complete with lids of already existing larger models, which gives contractors additional marketing and promotional opportunities. The new buckets are available in white, transparent or colored according to the brand’s style and the customer’s design vision.

Lightweight and 100% recyclable

The 2.8l and 4.4l buckets are lighter, which means they require less resources to transport and store. The savings achieved are particularly important in the current situation, in which businesses are looking for more economical and environmentally friendly solutions. This also relates to the idea of sustainable development. Respect for the environment is extremely important for all of us, which is why the buckets offered are 100% recyclable.

Robust and well protected

An unquestionable advantage of the new buckets is their robust construction, which effectively protects the contents of packaging from harmful external factors (e.g. moisture). It works well in the processes of storage (palletization) and transport (proper stabilization). It is an expression of concern for the highest level of safety, while meeting the strict standards and requirements attributed to the packaging sector.