Plast-Box – packaging with a future!

Plast-Box S.A., one of the leading manufacturers of plastic packaging in Poland and Europe, expands its portfolio of environmentally friendly packaging by marketing a packaging made of materials obtained from renewable sources, as well as by increasing the scale of production from recyclates.

As part of its sustainability-related and pro-environmental activities, the Company has a proposition for the food industry in the form of packaging made with the addition of a new generation of LyB plastics from the Circulen PP line, produced from monomers made of renewable raw materials of plant origin. For the chemical industry, Plast-Box declares to increase the share of packaging produced from PP regranulates obtained from global suppliers of qualified post-consumer waste, as well as using selected post-production waste.

As a manufacturer of plastic packaging, we support the closed circuit idea. We systematically increase the share of recycled plastic in our packaging, and also undertake activities aimed at educating consumers in the field of segregation and recycling, said Grzegorz Pawlak, President of the Management Board of Plast-Box S.A. – In order to meet the requirements of the principles of responsible business, we are also thinking about activities which will be an alternative to packaging made of primary raw materials, he added.

The transition to recycled, environmentally friendly packaging is an important part of Plast-Box’s marketing strategy. The Company is introducing a number of actions aimed at replacing basic materials with “alternative materials” from recycling or renewable resources. Under the new EU regulations, many companies, retail chains to which Plast-Box supplies its products, make commitments to reduce the weight of packaging and introduce recyclable packaging. For this purpose, among other things, Plast-Box is increasing the production of recycled packaging and improving its plastic packaging in a number of ways, for example by reducing the weight of plastic used, and using recycling in the production process (closed circuit). Moreover, all materials processed in the Company are 100% recycled and recyclable materials.

Plast-Box sells B2B products in over 30 European countries, supplying packaging mainly to the food industry, as well as entities selling chemical products for households, and repair and construction companies. Plast-Box S.A. is an entity managing 7 companies located in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. The Company has existed since 1983 and it has been quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004.