Plast-Box is a partner in the competition #GminaUstka does not waste.

On 15 February 2021, the competition committee, whose members included representatives of the Plast-Box Group, judged the competition #GminaUstka does not waste. The zero-waste action was organised by the Cultural Centre of the Ustka Commune, under the patronage of the Commune Mayor of Ustka. The Plast-Box Group is a partner in and one of the sponsors of this initiative.

The participants’ task was to prepare a competition entry based on materials ostensibly no longer usable. Everyone who took part in the competition did a great job, and proved that waste can be used to make really beautiful things without having a negative impact on the environment. The jury selected 9 of the most-interesting entries in 3 thematic categories: I – Feeder, II – Bag, III – Individual Idea. The competition was open to everyone, regardless of age.

List of winners

In the Feeder category
Youngest participant: The Wesołe Nutki Group – A Sunflower Kindergarten from Ustka
Oldest participant: Małgorzata Kąkol from Zaleskie
Most-creative idea and execution: Szymon Maksymiuk from Rowy

In the Bag category
Youngest participant: Seweryn Dziemidok from Machowino
Most-creative idea and execution: Natalia Drużba from Pęplino

In the Individual-Idea category
Oldest participant: Iwona Szczepocka-Adach from Pęplino
Youngest participant: Szymon Maksymiuk from Rowy
Most-creative idea and execution: Agnieszka Drużba from Pęplino

The Plast-Box Group is very keen to support the local community in its activities for the benefit of natural environment.

The idea of ‘zero waste’ is particularly close to our hearts. If we can do something for the environment, let’s not hesitate – let’s give a second life to unwanted things!”  says Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director of the Plast-Box Group.  -“Competitions such as this prove that ecology goes hand in hand with creativity, and can be a great ‘excuse’ to have fun. For all generations,” he adds.

Sustainable development and the resulting need for pro-environmental education are issues of great importance at the Plast-Box Group. The Company has long supported and practised the idea of the closed loop, systematically increasing the proportion of recycled plastic in its packaging, and producing recyclable containers.