Plast-Box: remote operation of B2B sales networks

Digital solutions are essential to modern business. Plast-Box, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in Europe, offers its customers the use of a modern platform designed to meet the needs of B2B companies. Through this tool, business partners can place orders online, from anywhere, at any time. The website also allows them to track their history, control and manage their invoicing and download the necessary documentation. This gives customers remote access to key resources 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The e-commerce platform is a solution we have introduced in the age of increasing digitalisation and the changing needs of our business customers. It not only provides a higher level of customer service, but also optimises business collaboration. The e-commerce platform makes it easier and quicker to order products, which shortens the lead time and enables faster deliveries, says Artur R. Skonieczny, Commercial Director of Grupa Plast Box.

The website also provides easy access to details of the Plast Box offer. Customers can check prices and availability of a particular product. In addition, the system enables the creation of dedicated solutions for a particular person based on the order history. For B2B customers who need flexible and easy-to-use tools, the Plast-Box e-commerce platform is an ideal option. It is not only convenient, but also an intuitive and clear tool. The system’s interface is designed to allow customers to place orders easily and quickly, without unnecessary and complicated procedures. This makes the use of the e-commerce platform simple and pleasant, which increases the comfort of working with the system and saves time.

The initial feedback from customers using our e-commerce platform confirms that we were right to create it. I encourage anyone who is looking for a way to optimise business cooperation with Plast-Box to check out its possibilities, concludes Artur R. Skonieczny.