Plast-Box Spring Premieres!

Plast-Box S.A., a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in Poland and Europe, is once again meeting its clients’ expectations. The brand portfolio is being expanded with new buckets for food- and chemical-industry manufacturers. The first product, an absolute innovation in the product range, is the 8 000 ml round bucket (11-0800 BIS).

Quality in a new size” is Plast-Box’s answer to the demands of the packaging market. The product is primarily aimed at the food industry, but it should also be of interest to clients from the construction-, household-, and utility-chemicals industries.

The new bucket combines aesthetic and functional features. Thanks to the well-chosen proportions of the dimensions,

the packaging attracts attention, and allows you to discover its unique capacity. The bucket has

a short handle integrated with the flange. Thanks to this, the packaging is ideal for automatic filling lines, and easily separates into stacks. An additional feature is the undisturbed display of the decoration on the packaging rim.

The packaging lid is compatible with the lids for the existing 10 BH bucket, which increases the possibilities of use for both packaging variations: 8 L as a basic version and 10 L for seasonal promotions.

The bucket can be combined with a cover for lining, which creates an extended shelf life for the product inside. The bucket is available in a full range of colours in the unique COLOUR PRO series marketed by the Company. The forms of decoration can be agreed according to the client’s needs and expectations.

This Spring, Plast-Box is also presenting a new version of the 10 L rectangular bucket (11-1000 PB3). The external dimensions of the bucket remain unchanged, allowing existing projects to be used. The design of the seal has been improved, and the form of the lid has been modernised. The new seal provides easier opening, and the bucket itself, combined with the new lid, takes on a lighter and modern look. As the lid and seal are a continuation of the lids for the 2.5 L and 5 L rectangular packaging, the new bucket fits into the line of the packaging in this shape supplied by Plast-Box.

Plast-Box S.A. is an entity managing the Capital Group, which includes 7 companies located in Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus. The closable buckets constitute the main product line of the Company. In addition, the Group’s product portfolio includes a wide range of small packaging under the Stark Partner brand, as well as conveyors for the food industry, and other utility products sold in retail chains.