Plast-Box uses PCR in its packaging

Plast-Box S.A., an international leader in plastic packaging, is expanding its business profile. The Company’s portfolio now includes Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) regranulate packaging, which is now being increasingly accepted by customers who pack non-food products.

Many years of experience in working with plastics, including recycled materials, and a high level of innovation, have enabled the Company to dynamically and efficiently begin using PCR in its packaging. Plast-Box buckets currently contain up to 60% PCR, not causing any loss of the mechanical properties of the packaging. Further research on how to increase dosing is underway. The ultimate extent to which PCR is used for a particular order depends on the product and the arrangements with the customer. Recycled-material packaging enables IML labels to be stuck applied and offset printing to be employed. In this way, the packaging loses no clarity, but gains an ecological appearance.

Plast-Box has already completed a very interesting pilot project. In collaboration with a Danish customer, they put on the market more than 30,000 fertiliser buckets with 60% PCR, decorated with an IML label.

In the market, there has been a stepped-up interest in recycled raw materials: PCRs, regranulates. Our customers have placed the first bulk orders for packaging with an admixture of recycled material. We have also successfully completed the testing of regranulate buckets at our key customers’ premises. Orders are being arranged, and we are planning further items to be released onto the market”, says Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director of the Plast-Box Group. “More and more companies are including recycled plastic products in their environmental policies. It is also an effective way for them to build an image of a responsible business”, he adds.

The use of PCR plastic provides many benefits in terms of reducing CO2 emissions and sustainability by supporting the circular economy. Plast-Box is fully committed to these issues and has been working with recycled materials for many years, promoting attitudes related to waste recycling and the reuse of recycled materials.

We are working to make sure that at every stage we choose a solution consistent with our mission, i.e. to provide environment-friendly solutions and products. It is important for us to continue to reduce the amount of plastic we use and to move effectively towards a circular economy, in partnership with other manufacturers. Together with our customers, we want to implement the closed-loop concept by responsibly managing plastics”, concludes Artur R. Skonieczny.