Plast-Box – we will rebuild what is most important!

Plast Box Group, one of the modern producers of plastic packaging in Poland and Europe, informed about a fire at the Plast-Box Ukraine production plant in Chernihiv, which broke out as a result of the military actions of the Russian army. The production hall and warehouse, as well as offices, were destroyed. Currently, due to the persistent high-security risk, the total loss is difficult to determine.

─ A risk materialized before our eyes, which was difficult to estimate a few weeks ago. When the Russian aggression against Ukraine began, our factory was located in areas directly exposed to hostilities. Last weekend it became the target of a rocket attack. The destruction of the factory, our pride, is a huge blow to us. Behind it was a huge investment effort, commitment, the passion of many people and their jobs, ‘says Grzegorz Pawlak, President of the Management Board of Plast-Box S.A. ─ However, like Ukraine, we will continue to fight. We have a lot of faith and strength, so we will rebuild this place and this business – he declares.

Each crisis is also a new opening that triggers determination, strength to act and creates new opportunities for producers and exporters. Plast-Box is already considering how to rationally engage in the post-war reconstruction of business in Ukraine.

─ In this difficult time, our solidarity and unity matter more than ever. Losses are not only assets but most of all people. We have already taken steps to ensure the safety of our Ukrainian workers and their families, those who suffered during the war. We are monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and we have declared our support and taking appropriate actions to respond to emerging needs as soon as possible, informs Grzegorz Pawlak.