Plast-Box introduces an innovative solution

Plast-Box, the producer of plastic packaging, well known for its sophisticated products in almost all countries in Europe, has supplemented its product range with packaging which comes with an innovative integrated holder. The new holders facilitate the picking up of buckets of water from feeders on the filling line, and also increase packaging protection during transport.

The solution proposed by Plast-Box allows you to provide customers with packaging which can allow their products to stand out on this competitive and demanding market. The integrated holders do not drop onto the bucket wall, so do not disrupt the decoration process.

“One of main reasons for introducing the new solution was to adjust the product range to the needs of the Scandinavian market” says Krzysztof Pióro, Vice President of the management board of Plast-Box S.A. “We are going to increase sales in Scandinavia and in the whole of west Europe, where packaging with the integrated holder will work well!.

Plast-Box is a producer of packaging well known in the whole of Europe, supplying, among others, the food sector, as well as entities providing households with chemical products, and renovation and construction companies. The company is constantly increasing its participation on the European market, and competes with the leading companies in Europe. It sells packaging to international concerns and smaller enterprises in B2B transactions.

The company recommends the new integrated holders for selected models of 3l, 5l and 10l buckets, and is going to extend the range to several more packaging lines. Plast-Box, as a producer of packaging designed for various market entities, complies with the highest quality standards.

Plast-Box has been functioning on the market since 1983, and has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2004. The company has a manufacturing presence in Poland and Ukraine, where it utilises the plant and technologies of the best brands worldwide, and, due not least to this fact, it is among the leading producers of hard plastic packaging in Europe.


*You can download the leaflet in pdf format