We produce plastic buckets in the sizes 0.55 l – 33 l.

Taking into account the thickness of the packaging wall, the type of the contents to be packed and its specific weight, plastic buckets have been divided into the following series:

  • BIS series plastic buckets – designed for contents and products mainly from the chemical industry with a specific weight of 1.6-1.8 g/cm3,
  • LB and UL series plastic buckets – designed for lightweight contents and products mainly from the food industry.

Based on the type of closure and lid construction, plastic buckets and small plastic buckets are divided into single-rimmed or double-rimmed.

In most single-rimmed buckets, the seal has been designed to minimise the possibility of it being detached from the bucket. In addition, the plastic bucket with a lid has a special lid construction that facilitates palletisation on the production line. The bucket with lid designed in this way also ensures stability during transport.

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