A green future with Plast-Box

In line with its sustainable development strategy, Plast-Box is constantly taking steps that respond to the climate challenges of the modern world. These include educational projects, related to the area of corporate social responsibility, as well as activities in the company’s space, related to production and logistics processes, among others. Plast-Box broadly defines its sustainable development strategy, thanks to which it can make a real impact on improving the environment.

Ecology is a natural choice for Plast-Box

Plast-Box’s environmental commitment stems from the values that have guided the company since its inception. The company regularly organizes projects and introduces innovations that have a positive impact on the state of nature.  – We want to be an example for others. The actions we carry out are aimed at protecting nature and educating the communities around us. Every action, even the smallest one, counts in the fight for the good and future of the planet, says Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director of the Plast Box Group.

Technology in harmony with nature

Plast-Box continually invests in friendly technologies that enable the company to reduce its impact on the environment. Starting with investments in renewable energy sources, increasing the energy efficiency of production facilities, and ending with machines that enable the production of ecological packaging. Thanks to the search for and implementation of innovative solutions, Plast-Box has buckets in its offer, for the creation of which less plastic was used, without losing the quality of the final product

Green offer

Products in the Plast-Box range are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. This manifests itself, among other things, in the introduction of lighter buckets, whose improved design saves space during transport, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint. The company’s range also includes packaging containing PCR and PIR, which are regranulates obtained by recycling post-production and post-consumer materials. This is another sign of concern for the state of nature. The company is constantly guided by the strategy of creating a closed loop of plastics, which allows for the prudent use of raw materials.

Eco every day

With its eco-commitment Plast-Box wants to make the ideas related to environmental care gain the greatest possible resonance also among employees and the local community. To this end, educational campaigns are organized to encourage people to introduce habits that help protect nature into their daily lives. Examples of this are activities such as the installation of bicycle repair stations for the plant’s employees, or the Baltic Sea action promoting sunbathing on the beach in harmony with nature, or the recent “Segregation Action”.

Everyone has an impact on the environment

Plast-Box’s introduction of a green strategy starts with itself. It encourages its employees to be eco, drawing attention to the problems currently affecting the environment. As part of “Segregation Action”, an art contest was organized for the children and grandchildren of Plast-Box employees. The commitment with which this project was met showed that educational actions conducted by the company have an excellent effect – they increase awareness and integrate. This is further proof that everyone is able to make a positive impact on the environment. With future generations in mind, Plast-Box will consistently continue these activities.