New season, new eco-projects at Plast-Box

The challenges faced by the natural environment today require quick and effective actions in many fields, including business. Plast Box Group, aware of its responsibility for the condition of nature, has been consistently implementing safe solutions for a long time and practicing the principles of sustainable development on an ongoing basis. An eco team has been formed within its structure, which is taking pro-ecological initiatives with passion and great commitment for the next season.

– Sustainable development is a subject of discussion in many production companies that have a great impact on interfering with the condition of nature. At Plast-Box Group, we are not only talking about it. We operate realistically: we invest in new, safe technologies, educate, and constantly look for effective solutions that allow closing the cycle of plastics in nature – says Artur R. Skonieczny, Sales Director of Plast Box Group and a member of ekoteam. This year we are also operating at full capacity – he adds.

Plast Box Group is just finalizing an educational project related to the installation of boards in the Baltic Rowy. Right at the entrance to the beach, large-format boards with information on how to sunbathe in harmony with nature are installed. Both the inhabitants of the town and tourists, stopping for a moment at the carriers, will receive a solid portion of useful tips related to, among others, the protection of the marine ecosystem, biodegradable solutions, and waste segregation. Spreading knowledge about correct ecological practices is one of the assumptions of the Group’s sustainable development strategy.

– The first plaques were installed in the seaside Poddąbie a year ago. The concept turned out to be so effective that we decided to extend the scope of activities and this is how we reached Rowy this holiday season – informs Artur R. Skonieczny.

People, employees of this company, stand behind the implementation of Plast-Box’s sustainable development strategy. They are involved in corporate environmental initiatives, are motivated to act, and are eager to promote good practices. For example, to reduce their carbon footprint, they cycle to work. It is with them in mind that the Management Board of the Group invested in a self-service bicycle repair station, which was installed in the plant. At the beginning of June, Plast-Box representatives took part in the company’s bicycle rally, combining pro-ecological activities with a love for two wheels. Recently, the company has also invested in a photovoltaic micro installation, which increases the energy efficiency of the plant in Słupsk. Sustainable development and social responsibility are concepts that relate to all activities of the Plast Box Group. They constitute the basis for the implementation of many business goals and set the direction of the company’s activities.