The opening ceremony of a new plant in Ukraine

We are pleased to inform you that the opening ceremony of the new facility “Plast-Box Ukraine”in Chernikhiv took place on 01 September 2011. The ceremony was attended by 100 invited guests, among whom were: Governor of Chernikhiv District, Mr. Volodimir Homenko, Mayor of city Chernikhiv, Mr. Alexander Sokolov, representatives of the Polish Embassy in Kiev, Chairman of “Plast-Box” SA Board, Mr. Grzegorz Pawlak, Director of the Ukrainian factory, Mrs. Tatiana Budyonna and representatives of key partners from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Germany, Switzerland and Poland.

The ceremony was opened with the speech by the President of “Plast-Box” SA Board, “Plast-Box” SA, Mr. Grzegorz Pawlak. The Governor of Chernikhiv District, Mr. Volodimir Homenko spoke after him. He thanked the builders and all involved in the construction and design of company “Plast-Box Ukraine” for their contribution and work. This fruitful cooperation of Polish and Ukrainian companies was called by him “a bright example of creating comfortable conditions for the emergence of foreign capital in the region”. Mr. Homenko expressed his hope that the example of “Plast-Box Ukraine” would give impetus to others to make further contacts with foreign partners.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, all guests visited the factory, and later, took part in a special banquet. There were many compliments from the guests, beautiful, artistic performances by local bands and having fun together there.

Adaptation and construction works of the new Ukrainian plant of Plast – Box SA in Chernikhiv lasted until mid-August 2011. The newly created object occupies an area of ​​approximately 5396 m2 and consists of the production shop, warehouse, administrative and technical facilities. There are 9 large injection molding machines Krauss Maffei and Husky Hylectric running in the factory now. The company consumes 250 tons of polypropylene and HDPE per month. The number of machines will be increased to 30 units in the future what will raise the processing capacity even up to 600 tons per month.

The newly opened facility of Plast-Box SA in Chernihiv has also created opportunities for new jobs. The factory employs 75 workers today. This number will increase up to 100 together with a further development of production.

The plant in Chernikhiv will continue production of all types of products from the current “Plast – Box Ukraine” portfolio: a wide range of round and oval buckets made for the local chemical or / and food industries manufactures, boxes and DIY products. The company will stand up a separate line for production of baskets, containers for trash and other household products upon Curver co-operation in the future. It is connected with the intensive cooperation with this brand.

Have a look at some photos from the ceremony.