Plast Box Group – sustainable development and ecology

Plast Box Group, as a leading plastic packaging manufacturer, feels a special responsibility for the environment and consistently implements pro-ecological solutions. In line with this philosophy, already today all materials used by Plast-Box are 100% recyclable. However, this does not limit the ambitious plans, the further implementation of which is planned for the coming years.

– We are pleased to see how the ecological trends initiated years ago, which we adopted as the determinants of our development, are now becoming a valid standard or even a requirement. – says Artur R. Skonieczny, Commercial Director of Plast Box Group. – Thanks to the commitment and determination of companies such as Plast-Box, the plastics industry is undergoing a huge transformation. We are pleased that we have a significant share in these processes. All the more so as we have not yet said the last word and are planning further progress in this area.

The use of PCR and PIR recyclates is one of the key solutions to make a real difference to plastic products. Understanding this, Plast-Box has invested in its regranulation line. The resulting superior quality, combined with experience and technical competence, enables it to achieve up to a 60% share of recycled plastic in the raw material used for packaging. Plast-Box expects that the recyclate content can be further increased with the development of the technology. The company’s objective is to implement the idea of closed-loop plastics.

– Plastics pose a major challenge in terms of their environmental impact. However, plastic materials have many unique advantages. Therefore, instead of turning our backs on plastics, we should focus on creating a closed-loop that allows all raw materials to be reused. Plastic packaging can be eco-friendly. We are determined to achieve this goal – concludes Artur R. Skonieczny.